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Shatterkin is a tabletop role-playing game about kids with evolving monster pets. Each player takes on the role of two different characters — a small-town kid and a strange evolving monster (known as shatterkin), who have formed a bond to help each other learn and grow.

Defend your small town from dangers — wild shatterkin, agents of the secretive Syndicates, or the mysterious power known as the Malice. When the situation is dire, your shatterkin can evolve to new levels of power, to face ever-greater foes. Be careful not to put too much strain on your shatterkin — you don't want to break their trust!

Shatterkin is a Forged in the Dark game — it's based around the same core mechanics as John Harper's Blades in the Dark, but with alterations and new systems to best capture the excitement and challenges of childhood adventure, and the evolving monster genre.

This game is in early access — there are gaps and incomplete sections within the main rules document, and all content is subject to change.

Interested in hearing Shatterkin in action? Check out the playtest campaign by the 80 Dice podcast —

Last Update - April 6,  2020 - Shatterkin Rules v1.03, Shatterkin Sheets v1.05, Shatterkin Theme Song


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My friends and I played a six-session campaign of Shatterkin and it was SOOOO fun! The design is awesome and the rules are well-written. It was really cool to play as a kid in the 1990s with a lizard-type monster that was able evolve into a huge kaiju-looking princess dinosaur.  I can't wait to play again!

This is looking great!

Thanks — that's really good to hear!